Brittany’s “Unhappy Ending”

March 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

I found a blog the other day (thanks Huffington Post!) about a feisty gal named Brittany.  There was an article about her and her bikini.  I followed their teaser showing her gorgeous face and some line like “You may not think this is beautiful, but…” and clicked through to the article.  It’s an article by Brittany about her annual “put on a bathing suit and go in public” and how this year she went with a bikini.  As another woman of ample bosom and curves, I can relate to her difficulty finding one that fits “the ladies” and doesn’t give me a headache.  She found a halter that worked for her.  I never have. Instant headache. Ouch.

Anyway, Brittany’s article did EXACTLY what it was intended to do and took me straight to her blog ” Brittany, Herself”. I cruised around, having some guffaws, and thought “I’ll come back here.”  Brittany seems no nonsense and with a tremendous sense and understanding of self. I’m pretty sure she and I would get along famously if we ever met at some party, but maybe not in my massage office.

That’s right.  Not at my massage office.

And here is why.

Brittany hates massages.  She “has control issues with her body.”  She’s also “freaking out your going to rub my fupa.”

So, of course, her husband got them a couples massage for Valentine’s Day.  As a surprise.  And tells her just an hour before they have to leave for the appointment. And it was already paid for.  Curses.

Let’s just say that Brittany’s massage experience was not a life changing “massage IS awesome!” epiphany.  But it is funny as hell.  And honestly, a lot worse can and  has happened.  So rest well, Brittany, knowing that’s the case!

Personally, I have no issue with people not wanting massage.  There’s something for everyone in this world and if you aren’t comfortable with a massage, don’t waste your time and money.  Yes, I’ve had people come in who “hate” massage and were total converts after.  But it just doesn’t do anything for some people.  No worries.  Find something that works for you.  And leave Brittany a message all about it over on her blog.

Brittany, if you want to give massage another try, come see me.  I promise not to get near your fupa.  I’ve been offered a lot of “rub chances” and turn them all down.  Just so you know….

I have to go find this woman’s TED Talk.  She’s spreading good messages to women everywhere about loving themselves and their bodies just as they are.  She also utters the words “Stripping went way easier in my head.” THAT is my kind of woman!  Rock on Brittany!

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