Communication is Key

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do you remember my friend Jane?   And her bruiser client?  Well, she’s back with another story to share.

Jane was working in a spa where they use those plastic coiled key chains for the locker keys.

One day she is working on a client from the Midwest.  As she’s finishing the massage, she drapes his robe across his lap, puts his slippers next to the table on the floor, and takes his locker key and slips it onto his wrist.

He asks with both hesitance and curiosity “What is that you are putting on my wrist?”

“It’s your locker key so you don’t forget it.”

(Note- As Jane told me this story, my reply was “It’s my room key, baby.”  That’s the kind of snarky girl I am.)

He replies.  “Oh. I thought for a minute you were putting hand cuffs on.”

SAY WHAT???????

She burst into hysterical laughter.  When she finally got herself under control she told him “Umm…no it’s your locker key. The spa has us get your robe and slippers for you and if I see the key I slide on your wrist so you don’t for get it.”

Hand cuffs.  Haven’t tried those.  Although sometimes it seems like they just might be a good idea.  Might help them keep their hands to themselves.

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