Question: What If I Get An Erection?

February 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I get asked about erections regularly.  By both men and women.

Fear of getting an erection is a powerful deterrent for men.  Some aren’t comfortable getting massage from a man because they’re afraid “it will move” and some simply won’t get massages at all for the same reason.

Here’s the deal.  Sometimes it happens.  Sometimes it moves.  It’s a relaxation response.  It’s a physiological response. It just happens. I don’t really care.

I won’t laugh.  I won’t point.  I won’t say “Whoa Boy!  What is THAT THING!”  I won’t use it as a maypole.

I will ignore it. Sometimes I won’t even notice it.

Unless you are groping, groaning, grinding, or being otherwise inappropriate.  Then I will end the massage and most likely our working relationship. And you will still be expected to pay. I’m not in the sex business.

In my experience, the man is more mortified than I could ever be. As a matter of fact, I had one client tell me “I can’t have you work on my thighs anymore. You can work the knees and below, my hamstrings,  my calves, but not my thighs.  They are very sensitive and I am horrified I might get an erection. I can’t relax.”  And so it was.  No more working above the knees.  Open communication took care of the issue and any potential for misunderstanding.

So, yes. It’s possible a man will get an erection.  Possible, but not probable. But it could happen.

Keep your hands to yourself, and you’ll be just fine.

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