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January 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve lived and worked on the east coast and out west.  The mentalities are extremely different.

So when I first moved west, I briefly worked at a spa. Remember, I am coming  with all my east coastiness in tow. People there are naive about so many things. I tend to be direct.  To the point.  It scares them.

It was an eye opening adjustment.

Ok– so in this spa there’s a couple’s massage room set up with two tables.

One day, I am scheduled to do a massage in one with another therapist.  A young guy. He was like 19 or 20. Grew up in NaiveTown. Recently out of school. We’ll call him Matt.

We go into the room with the couple.  I’m working on the man (husband?) and he’s working on the woman. My client falls asleep pretty quickly… at least, that’s my guess since he’s snoring.  Very.  Loudly.

Matt is working on the woman. She’s face down. She’s squirming.

Oh.  Wait.  No she isn’t.

She is grinding. She is grinding all over her table like it might try to escape. Like she must grind that thing or she will die. Her hands are out of view and most probably in use to please herself more.

I am watching Matt. He is not looking at me.  He keeps working.

Now when I say grinding, I mean GRINDING! Nothing subtle about it. And oooohhhhing… and ahhhhhhhing….. Mmmmm……. Uuuuhhhhh…… you know, the whole shenanigans.

I’m still watching Matt. He looks maybe a little puzzled but keeps happily working. I think “Hell, it’s your client, so whatever” and do my job. The man I’m working on is still asleep. Dead asleep.

I am torn between concern and stifling my laughter over the situation.  It. Is. Ridiculous.

When you’re in massage school, they generally address this type of situation.

And tell you to stop it. Immediately.

Matt makes no such action.

Ok– so we get to the end of the massage and Matt and I leave the room.

We’re in the hall.

I look at him like “Uhhh?????”– questioning, raised eyebrows, waiting to see if he has something to say.

He does. And this is what he says….

Him- *lip smack pregnant pause*  “Was she?????”

Me- “Masturbating?”

Him- “Yeah……” uncomfortably….

Me- “Yeah. She was.”

Him, with true shock in his voice and face- “Girls do that??????”

Me– “YEAH!”

Him- “Really??????”

Me- “Yeah. And it feels good for them too.”

Him- “Wow” 

I’ve never seen a person turn quite that color red before.

What the hell are they teaching people there? Seemingly, nothing. I swear this poor guy got quite a lesson that day.

I can’t decide if my favorite part is that her partner SLEPT through the whole thing (so it seems it wasn’t for his benefit that she was grinding herself raw) or the “Girls do that?” question.

Because… umm… yeah. Girls do that.  And it feels good, too.

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