An Affair to Remember…

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Walking to a spa where I worked, I ran into a client who was social with many of my other clients.

Client, with mischievous glee: “So I hear you’re having an affair with Sam McGee*”

Me: “Really, who told you that?”

Client “Sam McGee!” followed by laughter.

Turns out a bunch of clients had been at a social function the night before.  The host was trying to convince everyone to use his massage therapist, but clients I saw regularly were turning him down because they loved working with me so much.

Sam’s comment was “Nobody touches me but Massage Girl (as we’ll call me).  She knows EXACTLY how to touch me.”

I can only imagine where the conversation went from there.  All I know is I was the talk of the evening.

* All names are changed. Always.

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