Question: Do I Have to Take Off My Underpants?

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I get asked about underpants a lot.  Sometimes I am asked by clients, but more often I am asked by people I know who are apparently debating proper protocol.  Do I have to take them off?  Should I take them off?  Do you notice what they look like?

Every therapist will have his/her own opinion about this.  I can only speak for myself, but here’s my take:

Do you have to take them off? No.  You don’t have to do anything during a massage.  This is your time and you should feel comfortable and relaxed during your session.  You’re paying for it!  If you feel you won’t be able to relax with them off, leave them on.

Will the work be more effective if I take them off? This depends primarily on what kind of work you’re doing.  In my mind, the easy answer is yes.  It is easier for me to do my job effectively if you remove your underpants.  Any well trained therapist will use proper draping at all times so you’ll never be lying on the table exposed.  And if you leave them on, they may get stained with oil (although I’ll always try to protect them with the sheet if you choose to).  If we’re doing work on your gluts, taking them off will definitely make it easier and more effective.  But in the end, your comfort is really the biggest concern.

Do you notice what they look like? If you’re draped properly, I’ll never see them.  But honestly, I don’t care about your underpants.  I care about my job.  That’s my focus.  If you want to wear fancy underpants because it makes you feel better, DO IT! I’m not here to judge.

Seriously.  I promise.

Sometimes people will wait a few sessions and then decide they feel comfortable enough.  Good enough.  I’ve seen people for years who always leave them on.  That’s fine.

It’s your time.  Do what makes you comfortable.

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